Meeting Log 3/26

Tags: innovate
Personhours: 27
Meeting Log 3/26 By Anuhya, Georgia, Bhanaviya, Leo, Gabriel, Aarav, Ben, Shawn, and Mahesh

Task: Work on teamwork with drive practice for the UIL Championship

This weekend, we worked on giving the new recruits a basic understanding of HTML so they could operate the blog when we were no longer here to help them. We also worked on communication in drive practice, because we have two drivers and two controllers.

Gabriel and Georgia got in some drive practice

They got in more practice working together driving, and figuring out how they wanted to split up the responsibilities. We have a robot which works better with two drivers controlling two separate controllers, but this means we have to spend extra time planning out our strategies and deciding how the controls will work for each individual driver.

The new recruits are learning how to use HTML

Bhanaviya and Shawn taught us how to use HTML to upload blog posts to the blog. We wrote our first blog posts a couple weeks ago, and today we learned how to upload them to the blog and possibly run damage control if we accidentally break something in the blog.

Code Changes

Mahesh worked on updating the code for picking up blocks. Now, whenever the robot is trying to pick up a block and drops it midway, instead of going through the whole motion of putting it in the bucket, it goes back down. This will help our robot become more efficient, as it will have more time to pick up blocks when it’s not wasting time.

Making an Innovate Poster

Bhanaviya and Shawn worked on making an Innovate poster which detailed our game strategy and the build for our robot. This is the main award for the UIL Championship.

Next Steps

First things first, we need to fine-tune the autonomous for our robot. We are planning to get more drive practice with an autonomous system so we’ll know how to time things properly. We also want to get in more drive practice in general, so we'll have better control over our robot overall and will be able to control the arm better.

Date | March 26, 2022