Meeting Log 4/01

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Personhours: 21
Meeting Log 4/01 By Vance, Georgia, Trey, Gabriel, Bhanaviya, Leo, and Mahesh

Task: Replace Crane Servo with a Motor

After six broken servos amounting to around 240 dollars worth of funding, it became apparent that the current model of servo we were using wasn't up to the task that it needed to fulfill.

First came the issue of figuring out how to mount the motor. An HdHex Motor was decided upon as it was able to support additions to increase the gear ratio, while a CoreHex motor had around the same power as the servos previously used. We were able to use a 90 degree mount in order to attach the motor as to not allow it to jut out of the robot, which would break the proper sizing restrictions. After assembly, it was found to solve most issues found with the servos, though did introduce the issue of leaning due to the unequal weight distribution. So far, it has had a better performance than the servos did

Next Steps

Figuring out how to mount on a counterweight to offset the weight of the motor so both the crane and the robot no longer lean off to one side

Date | April 1, 2022