Last Practice Before UIL!

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Last Practice Before UIL! By Anuhya, Georgia, Bhanaviya, Ben, Mahesh, Gabriel, Aarav, Trey, Shawn, and Leo

Our Last Meeting Before UIL!

This marks our final competition of the Freight Frenzy season.

Getting in our final drive practice

Trey, Georgia, Ben and Gabriel got in their last couple hours of drive practice at the RoboDojo. Knowing this was our last time we would be able to practice in our home field, we made sure that we knew exactly what we would be doing at UIL. Mahesh was cleaning up the code, tuning up the arm and getting it so that when you press dump, it goes up and then goes down so it doesn’t run into the shipping hub.

Yesterday's meeting

Yesterday, Trey and Georgia got a lot of drive practice. They tested the robot with the sizing cube to make sure that it fits within the regulations. Trey also installed a grasp rivet on the bucket which allows the distance sensor wire to go through the pivot point so it doesn’t tangle and so the bucket’s auto dump works. The bucket’s auto dump wasn’t working because the distance sensor’s wire couldn’t be plugged in without getting tangled. The grasp rivet helped the wire go through the pivot point without it breaking, so we could use the distance sensor seamlessly.

Packing for UIL

We had to pack up all the necessities for the UIL trip. We worked on ensuring that we were fully prepared for success at the UIL competition and we tried to foresee any unexpected circumstances and prepare for them. We were fully ready to stock up the bus tomorrow morning before heading for Houston.

Date | April 7, 2022