Meeting Log 01/04

Tags: journal
Personhours: 15
Meeting Log 01/04 By Georgia, Anuhya, and Leo

Task: Build and CAD

Today we focused on building and modeling our second iteration of Toubot. After designing and cutting out the parts for the underarm on the CNC we began assembly.

As for modeling, we worked on the shoulder drive for Toubot2. We are redesigning our motor mounts because we need the extension on the arm to be stronger. We are changing the design for the shoulder drive by using 8 mm axles and using four 30 tooth gears instead of the single 30 tooth gear currently being used. We are also using “bridges” to mount our motors, because they are stronger than the standard REV rails.

Next Steps

Our next steps are to print the motor mounts and continue build. And more drive practice!

Date | January 4, 2023