Meeting Log 4/9

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Personhours: 28
Meeting Log 4/9 By Georgia, Sol, Trey, and Leo

Task: Prepare for Worlds through Build and Drive

Today, we did drive practice, and worked out some of the smaller issues with transfer.

While doing robot testing, the servo on the underarm shoulder joint broke. We took apart the joint in order to fix the servo, but the servo's gearbox was not accessible, rendering us unable to diagnose the problem, so we had to replace the old servo with a new one.

Trey redesigned a new transfer plate bridge, then milled it on the CNC. While milling this piece, we pushed the CNC too much, causing a drill bit to break. After that, we cut the part again, but the cutouts got caught between the drillbit and the plate, causing the CNC to crash. Twice. Eventually, we fixed the issues, and successfully cut out the new transfer plate bridge.

By the end of the meeting, we had successfully tested underarm.

Next Steps:

Our next steps are to finish making transfer work, remove the shoulder support spring, get more drive practice, and prepare for State and UIL.

Date | April 9, 2023