Recruiting at Flight School

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Recruiting at Flight School By Aarav, Anuhya, Tanvi, Jai, and Georgia

Task: Recruit new members at the TAG Flight School

Today, Iron Reign presented at TAG’s Flight School in order to recruit new members in preparation for the upcoming season to fill out our sister teams, Iron Core and Iron Giant. There was a quick recruitment presentation and a demonstration of basic REV components for interested freshmen. The idea was to generate hype and interest in order to ensure attendance at a more in-depth meeting later during the school year with more logistical information and a live demo of TauBot. Efforts like this are important to ensure the sustainability of the Iron Reign program to help replace our members who graduate with ones who already have FTC experience through our sister teams.

Next Steps

Host a more in-depth informational meeting with a live demo of TauBot and a meeting at our workspace. Additionally, recruitment efforts aimed at SEM students are also a significant priority.

Date | August 8, 2023