DPRG Meeting Presentations

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DPRG Meeting Presentations By Aarav and Anuhya

Task: Share R2V2 and Ri2D with mentors at DPRG

Throughout this month, Iron Reign has been presenting its recent work at DPRG(Dallas Personal Robotics Group) meetings on Tuesday evenings. On August 22nd, Iron Reign presented our summer project, R2V2, to DPRG. We received lots of great feedback about improving and expanding our project, including vision-based object tracking to allow the RV to follow specific objects. You can watch a recording of that linked below:

Then, today, we presented our Robot in 2 Days and the Ri2D video we produced at the DPRG meeting. We discussed our design process, prototype, and general strategy for the match. We discussed the importance of communication on the playing field, possible origami techniques to incorporate into our drone, and deposit systems on the backdrop. Here is a recording of the presentation:

Thanks to DPRG for allowing us to present. Overall, meetings with DPRG are great opportunities to get feedback on our work, brainstorm new ideas, and practice presentation skills. We plan to meet with DPRG further into the season once we progress more on our competition Robot.

Date | September 12, 2023