9/23/23 Meeting Log

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9/23/23 Meeting Log By Aarav, Anuhya, Jai, Krish, Tanvi, Vance, and Alex

Task: Prepare R2V2 for Filming and begin Designing Subsystems

Today, Iron Reign had an extended meeting to focus on preparing R2V2 for video production and to start designing and testing robot ideas. We plan to produce a complete walkthrough of R2V2, with footage of the individual subsystems and the entire RV driving around autonomously. We were hoping to begin filming today, but we needed to repair both the Steering and Braking subsystems, which took some time.

We tightened the bungees on the Braking and increased the gear ratio of the motors from 15:1 to 120:1 to deal with the increased tension on the “foot” mechanism. We decreased the gear ratio on the Steering system to accommodate the increased ratio in Braking. Unfortunately, once all the planning for the shoot and subsystem adjustments were complete, we did not have enough time to film before the meeting “officially” started for all the recruits.

The recruits split into teams and started working on chassis for their robots, creating REV rail frames, and Iron Reign had multiple design meetings to create a clear plan for our competition robot.

We decided that for the first iteration of our robot, we would focus on a mecanum chassis to allow for a quick build and strafing capabilities. Anuhya began designing an assembly with a wheel and an integrated motor(sketch shown above). For the drone launching mechanism, Tanvi began creating and experimenting with a catapult-type system and designs for the drone itself(sketch shown below). Vance started to work on an intake system modeled after the Ringevator(our ring intake system from Ultimate Goal), and Krish began to manufacture a prototype for our hanging system.

Code-wise, Alex and Jai refactored the codebase and began working on integrating Roadrunner with our drivetrain and teaching the new coders some basics.

Next Steps:

We aim to have a functioning robot quite soon in preparation for the first qualifier so that we can begin coding. To do so, we will need to keep working on the various subsystems and starting to manufacture and iterate them. We will ramp up our connect and motivate efforts as the season progresses.

Date | September 23, 2023