9/30/23 Meeting Log

Tags: journal
Personhours: 32
9/30/23 Meeting Log By Aarav, Anuhya, Tanvi, Georgia, Vance, Krish, Jai, and Alex

Task: Start prototyping our robot

Today, Iron Reign continued working on designing and prototyping our robot in preparation for scrimmages and our initial meets. We began working on an intake system for the pixel stack, based on Ringevator, our 2019 intake system. It involves custom ninja-flex belts that grab the pixels and propel them to a collection point for further manipulation. We finished designing it in CAD and began 3D printing the belts and assembling the motor and belt subsystems needed to move the belt. The chassis and drone launcher are also still being designed.

On the code side, we continued working on coding the classes for our 2023 and dividing it into subsystems and classes to streamline it for us in the future once our robot has been designed.

Finally, we finished up preparation for shooting the R2V2 walkthrough and videos, which we plan to do tomorrow.

Date | September 30, 2023