Portfolio Workshop with 9161 from Aledo, TX

Tags: outreach and motivate
Personhours: 3
Portfolio Workshop with 9161 from Aledo, TX By Tanvi, Aarav, and Anuhya

Task: Give portfolio tips to 9161 Overload

Today, Iron Reign held a portfolio workshop for team 9161 Overload from Aledo, TX. During this meeting, we presented our old Power Play portfolio page-by-page and relayed advice we have from our past experiences and meetings with professionals. We emphasized the importance of the balance between readability and detail along with formatting. We have learned that word usage and the layout of pages can impact how the content is relayed to the reader so we made sure to discuss with the team. Lastly, we participated in a Q&A session to answer all the questions the team had.Thanks to 9161 for letting us work with them!

Date | January 6, 2024