League Meet 3 Post-Mortem

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League Meet 3 Post-Mortem By Aarav, Krish, Jai, Sol, Tanvi, Alex, Vance, Georgia, and Anuhya

Task: Analyze our performance at our 3rd League Meet

After our performance at Meet 3, Iron Reign sat down as a team and discussed what happened. Here’s an overview of our takeaways and next steps as a team, divided into our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats.


  • Pretty consistent robot performance as we went 5-1 and were able to score points in all 3 games stages
  • Improved mosaic scoring
  • More accurate when scoring pixels on the backdrop and when dropping pixels off during auton
  • Good time management. Less last-minute code changes or queue delays


  • Goofy, careless mistakes
    • Not loading drone for launch
    • Not setting up skyhooks
    • Not having a writtenm checklist to go over before match starts
    • Robot spinning around in auton
  • Occassional mishap when placing pixels on the Backdrop
  • Unreliable drone launcher. Only cleared the game walls once


  • Not having PPE V3 built or coded in time
  • Less innovative design compared to older iron Reign robots
  • Giving up on R2V2 and Mechavator videos
  • Slacking and not getting portfolio done on time/rushing it the week before Tournament


  • Cleaning up our minor mistakes(ex. Pre-Match Checklist)
  • Portfolio and Presentation
  • Connect Meetings for Feedback
  • Motivate Opporunities

Date | January 22, 2024