Mentoring FLL Teams at Sudie

Tags: outreach and motivate
Personhours: 6
Mentoring FLL Teams at Sudie By Tanvi, Georgia, and Fernando

Task: Help the Sudie L. Williams Academy FLL teams

Today, 3 Iron Reign team members met with three Sudie L. Williams FLL teams to provide feedback on the presentation. Each member was assigned a team to guide throughout the meeting. The teams were Code-iators (11978), Robotic Robloxians (51977), and Mechanical Mammoths (43326).

We focused our feedback on 4 major categories: research, robot game, robot design, and core values. Each team decided which presentation to show us and we acted as mock judges to create a realistic atmosphere. We were each given judging rubrics to note growth points, which we shared with the teams for their future use. This was great preparation for their upcoming meet. The teams did a wonderful job and their dedication to FLL was very clear! Their presentations/projects were very creative and on theme. We did notice a few things the teams could work on, such as making more eye contact and being more familiar with their scripts. To help out with this, we encouraged the kids to understand the gist of their lines more than the exact wording so that they can relay the content without getting caught up with the specifics of the script. After we provided feedback for their presentations, many members of the FLL teams asked us individual questions regarding future FIRST opportunities in FTC. We were able to share our experiences and encouraged them to join an FTC team in the future.

Overall, major thanks to the Sudie Academy for allowing us to help out and we wish their FLL teams the best for their upcoming tournament. We had a fantastic time and look forward to meeting with them in the future!

Date | February 8, 2024