DPRG Presentation Review Meeting

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Personhours: 10
DPRG Presentation Review Meeting By Aarav, Nalin, Anuhya, Elias, and Jai

Task: Meet with the DPRG and review our judging presentation

Today, Iron Reign mock-presented at the DPRG weekly meeting and received tons of valuable feedback. We went through our typical presentation for competition, albeit at a slightly slower pace (we took about 7 minutes as opposed to the traditional 5). After the presentation, we had a long review session where we went through the presentation again and all the DPRG members gave input on how the presentation could be improved.

Some of the major issues include unclear labeling on CAD models, slides with too much information, and a lack of pictures on certain slides. Major thanks to DPRG for helping us out in improving our presentation before we head off to the States.

Date | February 27, 2024