Meeting with a Program Management Director at Lockheed Martin

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Meeting with a Program Management Director at Lockheed Martin By Anuhya, Sol, Krish, Elias, Alex, Nalin, Fernando, and Aarav

Task: Meet with the a professional from Lockheed Martin for advice

On March 8th we had a meeting with Luis Sanoja, a Program Management Director of Precision Fires Development and Transformation at Lockheed Martin, with a mechanical focus. Our plan for this meeting was to introduce him to the CenterStage game and talk about particular strategies we have, as well as running through our engineering and code processes.

When running through our presentation, he was proud of us for showing our preliminary ideas because they showed we had a plan before moving forward and designing our actual robot. We also talked through our thought process of our intake and outtake, including why we have so many degrees of freedom.

We also talked through our code, including the number of sensors we have as well as how our navigation and pathing works. He was impressed about our robot performance when we don’t use too many sensors, especially because of our field-oriented drive.

Next Steps

Most of the notes we got were on our presentation. We were told to add labels on the ideation slide for more readability. On the diverter slide, we need to show diverter action, so we added a pixel. Similarly, to show twisting motion in the scoopagon, we added an indicator. We were told to update all the videos on intake to outtake so they no longer show v1 of the robot. We added the degrees of freedom to the “Ralph” slide and updated the desmos model in the slides. We were told to change the corner deflector to an overhead shot to make it more meaningful. We were advised to redo the transfer to show the path of the pixel, add pixel sensors, use the term relocalization more, indicate how many parts we make by making a slide which includes all our 3D printed and CNC’d parts, show mecanum location correction, and change the CAD of the drone launcher to a side view. Lastly, we were told to put a lot more work into the autonomous slide.

Date | March 8, 2024