Iron Reign

Iron Reign is proud to thank our generous sponsors and program partners:

Diamond Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Texas Workforce Commission

Copper Sponsors

Steel Sponsors

Programmatic Sponsors

Sponsorship Levels:

  • $50+ Iron sponsors receive a certificate of appreciation with the team photo.
  • $100+ Steel sponsors will get their linked logo in the lower section of our sponsor page.
  • $250+ Copper sponsors are just plain cool. I mean, what a metal - it really grooves. Robots would be nowhere without it. But you also get a larger and elevated logo on our sponsor page and we will be happy to distribute sponsor provided business cards at our events. Your logo will appear on our hand-out materials.
  • $500+ Silver sponsors get their logo on our competition banners. At each competition and major outreach event we prominently display a 10 foot wide banner with two 6 foot tall side sections. Silver sponsors get their logos featured on our side banners. You can get a sense of the banners from this image of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings working with our team at the Mayor's Back to School Fair. So far this season we've been featured presenters at 5 major outreach events, connecting with over 1,000 engaged families. We hope to attend four or even five public tournaments. Five would mean we make it all the way to the World Championships in St. Louis. We think we have a good shot.
  • $1,000+ Gold sponsors will be featured in a dedicated blog article. We will work with the sponsor to convey their message about how they choose to support education and/or the community through their work with us. Logos get placement above prior levels on competition banners with increased size.
  • $2,500+ Platinum sponsor logos are featured prominently at the top of our competition banners and in the masthead of our website. We will distribute sponsor provided brochures at each tournament and outreach event we participate in. A 3D printed sponsor logo will be attached to our robot.
  • $5,000+ Diamond sponsors get a dedicated "Presented by" banner that goes above all other banners. The first Diamond sponsor of the year gets year-long naming rights such that we change our name to "Iron Reign presented by [Sponsor Name]" so the sponsor name is mentioned at team calls during tournaments. The second Diamond sponsor gets naming rights to our robot.